Sponsored Athletes

Dust n' Bling sponsors a team of elite riders in the rodeo industry. If you see them out in the arena or at a barrel race, say hello!

Cheyenne Lindsey

Cheyenne Lindsey: barrel racer

Emily Sargent

Emily Sargent: barrel racer

Kati Jundt

Kati Jundt: sponsored athlete

Kati Jundt is a top-notch barrel racer and horse woman. She also raises and trains her own horses with the help from her husband and two daughters. She has been riding and competing for 29 years and has won multiple trophies and prestigious titles. Kati and her husband Robby started a business of raising and training barrel horses and bucking bulls in 2010. She takes pride in starting from nothing and making a name for herself. When she isn’t riding horses or going to rodeos she is a stay at home mom and a strong woman of faith. She enjoys giving riding lessons and helping kids with their horses and spending time with her family. Kati started riding horses at the ripe old age of 3 years old. She rode her family’s all around bay gelding they called Cheeko. Cheeko and Kati won many buckles and trophies. She would show up to a kid’s rodeo and enter in all the age groups and win or place in each division. She was fearless and got the taste of winning when she was very young. Kati has always known what she wanted to be when she grew up. From the time she was 5 she wanted to be a world champion barrel racer and a singer. Not much has changed except now she just sings in the shower and at church. Kati has spent her whole life working toward her dream and has no plans of giving up. This year she has qualified for The American semi-finals and hopes she progresses to the big show. She feels that this is a great opportunity to catapult her career and help her achieve her dream. If Kati could give anyone some advice she would say, “Never give up on what your heart desires. You can spend your whole life trying to be like everyone else and be completely miserable. Or you can break out of that box and be what is true to your heart and be happy. God has placed that in your heart for a reason and you must nurture it in order to blossom to your full potential. You were made for something great and you will only be truly happy and satisfied if you seek Jesus and follow your dreams.”

Katie Frank

Katie Frank: barrel racer

Kennedi Stinson

Kennedi Stinson: rodeo queen and barrel racer

My name is Kennedi Stinson, and I am fourteen years old. I live in Hereford, AZ, and have lived in Arizona since I was eight weeks old. I started riding horses when I was nine years old. The first day I got on, I was in love. My events that I compete in are Junior High School Rodeo barrels and poles, multiple barrel jackpots, CCOBRA, SABRA, Sierra Vista Riding Club races, Huachuca Saddle Club races, Sierra Vista Riding Club Royalty and I am looking to start travelling to Queen Creek, Gilbert and Buckeye for races this year. My primary horse is named Mag-E, and she just turned 12 years old. I have had her for 3 years, and she is my best friend. My back up horse is Hot Shot, and I can’t wait to start competing on her again this year, after her recovery from an injury, and breeding. My goal as a rider is to keep pushing myself to improve. In rodeo, it’s not about having the fastest horse, it’s about riding your horse to the best of your ability to allow your horse to perform at the best of theirs! I will enter High School Rodeo this year, and I cannot wait to see what this year holds. Work hard, ride hard, and support all of those around you!

Makayla Moss

Makayla: sponsored athlete and barrel racer

Zara is my 10 year old buckskin mare i have owned for the past few years & has been my main ride since then. The both of us are currently legging back up for another great season. So far we won two buckles, got Top Dog in Adult 1D & Open 3D, Top ten in Open 1d & 2d, & went to IBRA National Finals! We currently run in Michigan, Ohio & Indiana. I will be following 3 barrel associations this year & plan to be on the road every weekend. I also have a coming 4 year old, Miss Bully for Casey, that I will be training this summer & expoing her as she will be hauled with me. I have high hopes for this girl & cant wait to see what she has to give. 

Taylor Jundt

Taylor Jundt: sponsored athlete

Taylor Jundt is the kind of kid that everyone just loves. She is sweet and genuine. She is very self-driven for such a young kid and loves to ride. She always challenges herself to do better and beat her own times. Taylor lives with her aunt, uncle, and sister Rhiatta in a small Arizona town of McNeal. She loves to help them train colts and play with the baby foals. Taylor started riding when she was 7 years old. He first horse was a big palomino named Gunsmoke. Old Gunsmoke and Taylor never set any arena records but they were always smooth and correct. She was hooked when she won her first $10 and halter. Grinning from ear to ear she gladly accepted the award and from then on insisted she enter as much as possible. She has come a long ways since then and now is a force to be reckoned with. She is known for being very handy for a young kid and can get on any horse and make a run. That probably has a lot to do with her loving every horse for who they are. Taylor has some big goals in the future such as the NFR and The American rodeo. She knows that if she works hard enough at it she can do it. She also has plans on becoming a small and large animal vet. She is making college plans and has it all figured out, or so she says. We are so proud of Taylor and the wonderful young lady she has become. She loves people, animals and the Lord. What more could we ask for!